The Disappearance of Alice Creed

Best kidnap scene in cinema!

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"don’t treat yourself how others claim you ought to be treated"

i failed my first test ever today….

and it was because my teacher forgot, or didn’t want to accomodate me…..spoke with her last week.

today i was forced to go to the human rights office at my school, and apparently i did everything i needed to, and my staff / faculty is the one who fucked up and fucked me over. 

there is hope thank god..

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How to Stop Worrying

1. Remind yourself that worrying doesn’t stop things happening. Things will happen – or not happen –anyway.

2. Recognise that “What ifs” don’t usually help with problem solving. It’s better to use logic, and brain storm for solutions. Take control of your emotions by using rational thinking.

3. Motivate yourself by something other than worrying. Take a break and do something fun, and then go back to your work again. That positive approach will reap more benefits.  

4. Face your fears – and do the things that you worry about. The thought is often much worse than the actual thing you fear.

5. Ask yourself “What’s the worst thing that could happen?” Then, “What are the chances that it will happen? Then “Will you survive it, if it happens, in the end?” Usually, that helps to move us from an extreme and irrational way of thinking to a more realistic, and reasonable way if thinking.

6. Teach yourself a range of relaxation strategies – and then concentrate on them instead of on your different fears. Or, adopt a mindful approach – and keep your focus on “right now”.

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Lou Reed, 1966

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تكون على السلام (be at peace)


تكون على السلام (be at peace)

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